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Graphic Design

Design analysis

During this assignment we had to design a poster for one of the 2 products we did a design analysis about. The group and I decided to make a design for the SuperMan Keychain. This is a combination of typography choices, design fundamentals and photoshop techniques.

20 solutions

During this assignment I had to make 20 different designs about the same subject. In my case; a man-hole cover. Several programs were used, and several techniques within the programs were used. This is a combination of PhotoShop and Illustrator.

Book cover assignment

Design at It´s best, during this assignment our creativity was put to the test. We had to come up with a book cover design but were only allowed to use 2 shapes, and a few colors. The ultimate test.

Candy project

This assignment combined several aspects together. The fundamentals of design, the Gestalt principles, target-group analysis, and designing skills. This assignment has It all. Real all about it, there is so much more to this assignment.

History of style movie project

This assignment is the culmination of everything we learned about the history of style. Packed in one challenging assignment. Where photoshop video editing skills meet style history knowledge. Have a look at this piece of art.

History of style presentation

A very different assignment, one where we did a deep-dive into the history of Design. Knowing the past is knowing the future, so this was a great assignment.

I chose to do my presentation on Baroque style, and the beautiful city of Vienna.