Spare time projects

This is a collection of things I made outside of school hours, some before school hours. It´s mostly from YouTube tutorials, where I try to improve my skills within the different Adobe programs.


Playing around with a grain effect through a gradient inside a mask

Perspective Grid

Playing around with 3d and the Perspective Grid tool

Compound Paths

A short tutorial where I learned how to use Compound Paths and Clipping Paths.


Maltect logo

Logo attempt for, after client asked for a modern typographic logo with a dark gradient.

Mediegrafiker Action Man

An attempt to market myself as an attractive product for companies in order to land an internship.

Different dimensions

A great photoshop tutorial where I learned many techniques, amongst them, brushes, masks, opacity and selecting.

Pop-out effect

Another great photoshop tutorial where I learned to create a pop-out effect. A technique I find very interesting, and will be applying to future designs.

Amongst the planets

A very interesting photoshop tutorial where I learned the use of masks and several other techniques.

Double Personality

I used masks to create an effect where two pictures become one. Creating the illusion of 2 different sides of myself.

Multiplicity effect

A very cool technique where with the use of layers and masks I created an image where you can see 4 versions of me, yet within the same image.

Double exposure effect

A great photoshop technique where one with the use of opacity and masks creates a double exposure effect.

High shutter speed imaging

This is more a photography technique then anything else, but photoshop´s camera raw setting made this picture much more beautiful then it originally was.


My very first Illustrator tutorial, where I learned to work with shapes and opacity.

Ice Cream

Another great Illustrator tutorial, where I learned to use shape-finder, pen-tool, opacity and many more techniques. 

Maltect logo

A logo design for my friend´s company. Who asked for a modern and minimalistic logo for his tech company

A knight in shining armor

Another great Illustrator tutorial where I learned how to create a gaming character. I just placed him in a world where he would fit better.

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