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Spare time projects

This is a collection of things I made outside of school hours, some before school hours. It´s mostly from YouTube tutorials, where I try to improve my skills within the different Adobe programs.

Beer label design

A special warm up assignment for a school project, combining both new drawings skills with technical skills and lay-out design.

Beer packaging design

To accompany my beer label design, I took a go at what the packaging for a 6 or 12 pack could look like.

Hoodie Design

A special work assignment where I had been tasked to design a hoodie for the Developer Experience and Cloud Foundation.

Daily inspiration

I have started working on my illustration skills in order to be able to make stickers and other merchandise for Cloud Computing events

Dreaming about summer….

Color palette

MidJourney AI art

Following along with the latest trend within design. Computers generating art within minutes, is this the end for us designers? Or just another smart tool to be used as an inspiration pool?

Grain masking

Playing around with the Grain effect, giving depth to illustrations, where as without It the illustration would look plain.

Liquify effect

Playing around with some creative angles as to a design for a LinkedIn profile picture combined with background. This liquify disappearing skin effect lends itself well with a creative background


Playing around with a grain effect through a gradient inside a mask

Perspective Grid

Playing around with 3d and the Perspective Grid tool

Compound Paths

A short tutorial where I learned how to use Compound Paths and Clipping Paths.


Maltect logo

Logo attempt for, after client asked for a modern typographic logo with a dark gradient.

Mediegrafiker Action Man

An attempt to market myself as an attractive product for companies in order to land an internship.

Different dimensions

A great photoshop tutorial where I learned many techniques, amongst them, brushes, masks, opacity and selecting.

Pop-out effect

Another great photoshop tutorial where I learned to create a pop-out effect. A technique I find very interesting, and will be applying to future designs.

Amongst the planets

A very interesting photoshop tutorial where I learned the use of masks and several other techniques.

Double Personality

I used masks to create an effect where two pictures become one. Creating the illusion of 2 different sides of myself.

Multiplicity effect

A very cool technique where with the use of layers and masks I created an image where you can see 4 versions of me, yet within the same image.

Double exposure effect

A great photoshop technique where one with the use of opacity and masks creates a double exposure effect.

High shutter speed imaging

This is more a photography technique then anything else, but photoshop´s camera raw setting made this picture much more beautiful then it originally was.


My very first Illustrator tutorial, where I learned to work with shapes and opacity.

Ice Cream

Another great Illustrator tutorial, where I learned to use shape-finder, pen-tool, opacity and many more techniques. 

Maltect logo

A logo design for my friend´s company. Who asked for a modern and minimalistic logo for his tech company

A knight in shining armor

Another great Illustrator tutorial where I learned how to create a gaming character. I just placed him in a world where he would fit better.