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About me &
my career

I am a passionate Graphic Design student with a strong focus on digital design, where I strive to create captivating visual experiences that put the user at the center. As technology continues to shape our world, I believe in the power of design to enhance communication, foster connections, and elevate user experiences.

Patrick van den Akker

Developer Relations Apprentice

Yes, you got it, that is me, surrounded by a group of amazing people. A group of people I have the pleasure with of working together with every day. Now you might wonder why this image is here. It is a fantastic example of what I do at the LEGO Group. I work for the Developer Relations Team. And we get to organize events to bring communities together. Now on this picture, there are plenty examples of my work. From the Baseplate Team T-shirts to the Roll-Up banners behind them.

As a beginning Graphic Design professional, I bring a unique perspective to the dynamic realm of Developer Relations. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, a Graphic Design student turned professional plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between creativity and code. Through a lens finely tuned to aesthetics and user experience, I seamlessly integrate design thinking into the Developer Relations Team, enhancing the communication of complex technical concepts.

My journey from a Graphic Design student to a seasoned practitioner has equipped me with the ability to translate intricate developer-centric information into visually compelling narratives. Whether crafting visually stunning presentations, designing intuitive interfaces for developer tools, or developing engaging multimedia content, my expertise adds a layer of accessibility and user-friendly appeal to the technical aspects of our work.


In the dynamic landscape of technology, the role of a Developer Relations (DevRel) team and the art of community building have become indispensable pillars in fostering innovation, collaboration, and success within the digital realm. At the heart of this synergy lies the understanding that developers are not merely users but active contributors and influencers who shape the trajectory of software and platforms. A robust DevRel team acts as a bridge between developers and the organization, facilitating a two-way dialogue that goes beyond traditional customer support. By cultivating a vibrant community, my team empowers developers to share insights, exchange ideas, and collectively elevate the ecosystem. 

What my colleagues say about me

Asta Paulauskaite

Senior Engineer Manager

„Patrick is an exemplary designer whose professional journey from the technical complexities of cloud computing to the creative and technical demands of design and engineering exemplifies his exceptional versatility and dedication to continuous learning. He has not only expanded his expertise as a designer, but has also excelled as an engineer.

Patrick has played a pivotal role in accelerating the progress of various development teams, particularly those specializing in containers, developer portals, APIs, and more.. In his current role within the Developer Relations team, Patrick’s leadership skills have truly come to the forefront, consistently demonstrating his ability to drive complex initiatives and guide his colleagues toward innovation and excellence.

Patrick possesses tremendous potential in technology sectors that require a blend of technical acumen, design & UX savvy, and an inspiring, forward-thinking mindset. His involvement in any project ensures a synthesis of vision, skill, and unwavering commitment, making him an invaluable asset to any organization lucky enough to secure his talents.“

  • Senior Engineer Cloud Enablement

    Pierin Sako

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  • Lead Engineer Developer Productivity

    Ivan Abrahamsen

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  • Engineer Compute Anywhere

    Abraham Aquilar-Suazo

    Patrick’s incredible knack for bringing ideas together into innovative designs that genuinely resonate propelled him quickly, becoming the “go-to guy” for collaborating with and implementing creative solutions across different areas within the department. His unwavering commitment to our teams’ success and his ability to foster positive relationships with everyone he works with truly set him apart. His curiosity, enthusiasm and dedication to creativity reflect the essence of the LEGO Group’s values, making him an invaluable asset to our teams.

  • Software Engineer Cloud Enablement

    Brith Kyhn

    In my working with Patrick it was clear that he was always ahead of the game, brimming with fresh ideas. He brings with him the best of the LEGO values with his creative mindset, willingness to learn and improve in everything he brings to projects without compromising on quality. With a genuine care for the team and a passion for making a real difference through collaboration, he’s an absolute joy to work with.

  • Senior Engineering Manager

    Jacob Avlund

    Working with Patrick, is, unfailingly, a joyous experience. Every time I reach out to him about a project where I need his expertise – which can be as simple as a layout or graphics task, or as complex as creating a bigger design suite that fits into the overall brand narrative – he not only works with the task, but takes ownership and spars with me continuously until we end up with a great result. Patrick is currently an intern here, but one wouldn’t know as he takes responsibility and shows proactiveness as a senior colleague. The finished product he delivers is outstanding, but what really shines here is his resolve to both make the task his own as well as ensure clear communication during the entirety of the process. On top of that, his ability to juggle a substantial number of tasks for a variety of different stakeholders simultaneously and still deliver the results he does is nothing short of impressive. I hope I’ll have many years working alongside Patrick in the future