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Lego Superman keychain

Our conclusion about the SuperMan keychain was that it´s designed for a broad target group; for younger kids, probably not teenagers. And also for young adults like SuperHero movies.

It´s functional in it´s design as It makes your keys look cool, but the design is small enough for it to be functional and not in the way.

Saga Furs Keychain

Our conclusion about the Saga Furs keychain was that it´s designed for a limited target group. It´s for older girls/woman. Woman who probably don´t think to much about animal welfare, and probably the type of person that will have it on her designer purse.

Design Analysis

The Building Blocks of Design

Design analysis is the systematic process of developing a design, including all information, discovery, planning and communications. This can be applied to any type of design, including the design of physical things such as buildings, and intangible things such as software, information and processes.

My classmates Cecilie, Maria and I where given 2 different designs to analyze. A Saga Furs keychain and a Lego Superman keychain. This was the very first assignment we where given, and the idea behind the assignment was to get a better understanding of what design is, and how important it is. Want to see the result of our analysis? Just hover over the header image.

Things we analyzed about the design

  • 1.

    What target group is involved

  • 2.

    What material is it made of

  • 3.

    Researched the companies selling the design

  • 4.

    What message is the design sending

  • 5.

    What impact does this design have

Let’s go!

The assignment got really interesting when we where allowed to design a product poster for one of the 2 products. The team and I where in agreement that we would design a poster for the Lego Superman keychain.

We designed a poster based on the target group, and tried to consider the use of fonts and colors. We even had some wordplay in there. The end result was a combination of our team´s strengths. Some where good at designing in PhotoShop, and some were good at coming up with a creative text. 

The final design

With a combination of each of our strengths, the final product was created. Maria, our text expert provided the correct solid Danish text. Her almost writer like approach to texts has helped us out immensely when it came to presenting a solid text that applied to our target group.

Cecilie and I combined our knowledge of the Adobe programs to create a background, make a clean cut-out of superman, and we even used masks to make the keys interconnect.

All aspects where put together, and one SUPER poster was created…  

What I learned

Our very first assignment, what an exciting one it was! I learned about demographics, target groups, what goes on behind a design, and the importance of the analysis of a design.