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Vectors & Image editing

Old assignments

It´s almost embarrassing to look back to the very first assignments. Assignments where we were taken on our very first journey into the world of Graphic Design. And the endless of possibilities It has. Your imagination is the limit! My imagination wasn´t the problem, my skillset was. But I´m going to keep these around, to see what a long way we´ve come since starting this education.

During these assignments we learned the basics of image editing. From working with masks, levels and colors, to completely removing objects out of pictures. We tried It all.

Project Candy

This assignment was soooo much fun. Not only did we get to design a whole lotta stuff. We also got to do a presentation about our project. How to best present a product, what things to keep in mind, the bigger picture behind a design. Read all about this fantastic assignment.

Burning Man Video

Wanna learn the real power of photoshop? Try and edit a video in the program. Photoshop actually has many hidden features that one can apply to feature projects. Making small animations? Do It in PhotoShop, cutting video clips? Photoshop , a great tool. 

This assignment was all about making the most beautiful video about Burning Man in photoshop. Wanna see the result?

Using learned skills

After having learned how to animate and edit in PhotoShop, I applied my knowledge to yet another project. A project for the Design subject, where we had to do a video presentation where we show our knowledge of style history.

My video is filled with little animations and photoshop tricks. Want to see the result?