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All About Me

The very first assignment we had to make for InDesign was a document about yourself. I designed a ´´brochure´´ like document, with some quick facts about myself. It was in the very beginning of our education where we had to get to know each other, and this was the perfect way of getting to know the program.

From ugly to beautiful

During this assignment we were handed an old ´´advertisement´´ And we had to re-design a new one, and try to apply all the Typography rules we had learned so far. There was a free choice of Design, but there were rules that needed to be followed regarding the contents of the advertisement. Further more a Logo had to be designed, and drawn up in Illustrator. So this assignment although early on in our school year, was a great mix of different skillsets.

Several assignments

In the beginning of the school year, we were presented with several challenges within the subject; Typography. What´s presented here is a collection of some of those assignments. We were taught the basics of Typography, from text-wrap, to left-justify. From placing images to making shapes in InDesign.

Making tables, starting texts with beautiful drop-caps, calculating margins, and setting up base grids, setting up page numbers, paragraph styles and master pages.
We´ve done It all.

Burning Man Magazine

The first time we got to built a magazine, a real one, one we could feel, touch, and had to cut ourselves. It all started with trying to get the basics right. The subject was Burning Man. So we had to research what Burning Man was about. Imagine a ´´target-group´´ we´d be making the magazine for. And according to that, make some decisions regarding font-type, design lay-out and much more. This big project can´t be described within a few sentences. And there was so much more to this magazine. Click the button to learn more.