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Case Study

It all starts with a concept

The assignment given to us was to design a cookbook based on a certain theme. The themes to pick from where Deluxe, Organic or Budget. I designed an identity for a possible budget cooking book. FORKIT is the company that is focused on reaching students all over the world, who face living with a tight budget. After I had my client and possible targetgroup in place, it was time to make a design manual.

Concept design

I created a design line for my ForkIt brand

A colorfull brand where I stimulate sales with the power of color psychology. Every color used in my design line was handpicked with a specific goal.

  • Orange

  • Blue

  • Red

  • Yellow

Design line

A bold logo to match a bold brand

After my colour palette was in place, It was time to create my logo. The logo is a combination of several things. As I wanted this brand to be a bold in your face brand, I had a slogan; More month then money left? Fuck It! Where the target-group then turns to a solution. Namely the budget friendly recipes. Now FuckIt, was turned into ForkIt, and with a fork added in negative space and voila; a logo was created. The negative space fork makes this logo exceptionally usable on all sorts of backgrounds. Which was incredible useful as the assignment contains several products.


A bold font to match a bold brand

After my colour palette and my logo were ready, It was time for my font choices. As I was trying to portray a budget brand, the most logical choice was a non-serif font. As I picked the target-group to be students, I wanted a modern font. I went with Poppins, as It´s a modern font, but also a large font family. Which means I can variate between many different fontweights within the same font family. Which in return works great when applying to different products.

ForkIt website

A lesson in HTML & CSS


  • Responsive website

  • Designed in Xd before coding

  • HTML & CSS

  • Working video player

  • Same design line as other products

Website Design
ForkIt app

A crash course in Adobe Xd


  • Responsive website

  • Auto-animate interactions

  • Design library

  • Active states

App Design
Cooking Video

How to make a cooking video

We also had to design a storyboard to a cooking video which should be represented on our app and on our website. After I designed the storyboard, I recorded the video in FPV style.

The video has all the colors of the design line and some elements made in After Effects to illustrate the money effect. To confirm how much one saves with this meal, making it a true ´´budget´´video.

Video Design

Tools I have used


I have used InDesign to collect all information and turn it into beautiful lay-outs. Here I visualized my brand and displayed It.


PhotoShop has been used to make mockups after the products were made to create a real life scenario of how the products would look like or could be used.

Adobe Xd

I have used Adobe Xd to design and illustrate my app, and furthermore to design my website before I translated it into HTML & CSS

Premiere Pro

I have edited and animated my video in Premiere Pro, and exported it into files that I could use for my website and my app.

Visual Studio Code

I used Visual Studio code to code my website in, I used a side by side HTML, CSS design so I continuously could see the changes I made.

After Effects

And I used after effects to create some visual effects and implemented it into my Premiere Pro video, as the effects was not available in Premiere Pro.